MsNalla's Take...

Reading is my passion. I love nothing more than to get lost in a story. Whether that be a fantasy story or one true to life. I love being able to share my experience through reading it.

Blood Fury: Black Dagger Legacy - J.R. Ward

I really loved this one. Both stories. Very different yet the same.
Even though the entire landscaping of these two very different love stories, were VERY predictable, I utterly enjoyed the organic simplicity of the way it all played out. It kept me in the moment, and interested with everything that was occurring.

Plus, I loved how there were not 89 other constant POV's here in this Legacy novel, like there always is as of late, with the BD-Brotherhood novels. Everything here was kept tight. Central to the core of the stories & plights of our main characters. It was refreshing for me to witness this again.

I have to say it's a curious joy I have, in now reading novels a year or two after they've been released.

I get to bask in all the awesomeness for the very first time, long after others have already experienced it; that first time high and will never get to experience again. :)

The Thief - J.R. Ward


Everything else about this story concerning the side plots, and V and Jane is what made me like this book and kept me reading.... Assail and Sola were honestly, just after thoughts in their own story... Sad really.

It was a decent installment to this series. Kinda freaked me out a little too.
But it did not blow me away, unfortunately.

If you're a BDB fan and committed to the series you'll love or hate it. Or at the least be "in like" with it. Such as I am.

If you have not read this series, STOP. Go to book one and begin. You try to start here, you will be completely lost and not nearly as invested as you could be with the scope of the entire series under your belt.


Bad Boy's Redemption: BWWM MC Romance

Nope…. DNF'd this one at like the 25% mark and got my $1.06 back.

Just was not good. AT ALL.

His Human Slave (Zandian Masters, #1) by Renee Rose

This book was just hot!. I don't know how else to say it.

It was a very intense & weird, very much kind of out of my comfort zone; type of read. But I still enjoyed it immensely. I am committed to reading at least the next 3 books in this series. It has a lot books. So I'll see if I can handle the flame with this series as it progresses.

If asked, I would definitely recommend this read. :)

Where Love is Found by Tiya Rayne

— feeling love

Holy Shitoly!!!

This book was beyond amazing. So many twists and turns here. I literally could not put this book down. Read it in one day
This book was a sexy, romantic, suspenseful, and heart wrenching read.
I loved, and loved to hate all the characters here. They were all well written with deep layers to boot.
Jackson Keller This man reminds me so much of my Hubby. So you already know I'm totally biased with praises for this character. But Honeeeeey, let me tell you, Jackson does NOT disappoint Ladies. AT. ALL.

I have to say that I figured out who the main villain was here way before its big reveal, but that did not keep me from enjoying the way it, and everything else unfolded here.

Folks you HAVE to read this story. Lord, Lord, Lord.

If asked, I would definitely recommend this read.

Undeserving - Madeline Sheehan

OMGOODNESS!!! love this story. Had me in tears majority of the time. I wish things could have been way hotter with Preacher & Debbie(Eva's Mom), it just seemed way too tamed for Madeline within this series. Considering with what we've been given with the other stories in this series. So that left me wanting BIG TIME. But the execution of all other things here, and the way certain things were brought to light, I had to still give this one 5*.

Although, and this is an after thought, THE REVELATION of the the unexpected truth that Preacher found out, I wish somehow, the details of that could have been given to us, the reader, in real time. Like a truth only we actually get to see but the characters will never know.

Other than that, this was an awesome read. I would HIGHLY recommend this one.
I recommend this entire series. Please read in order.

Alien Brute: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Vaxxlian Mates Book 4) by Sue Mercury

— feeling bad egg

This was NOT what all these 4* & up reviews said it was. It was too simple for me. The writing. The language.. The characters were not deep at all. The romance was barely Luke warm.

The concept was decent, which was why I gave it 2 stars. But sadly it just did not deliver.

I would not recommend this read.

Captive Of The Horde King (Horde Kings Of Dakkar, #1) by Zoey Draven

— feeling big smile

Don't get me wrong. I'm liking this book. But 85% of it, is very reminiscent of K. Ashley's The Golden Dynasty. Even down to the character of "Colors" used etc.. to describe/or represent certain things. The language, the culture, the people, the events that occur here as well; have the Golden Dynasty stamp on it. if just a little bit more tame in certain circumstances.

This story doesn't have the feel of an Alien sci-fi story to me at all. If you liked GD you will like this as well, but also feel as if you read it before....

With that being said, I loved how many things played out here. I absolutely love our H/h, and the simple yet complicated dance they did with learning one another. It's still a beautiful story. And the way this one introduces another Horde King, I am intrigued with what book 2 will have to offer.

I would recommend this read.

Chasing Desires by Kasey Martin

Now, don't get me wrong here. There were many great elements to this book. Which was why it got 3 stars from me. The reasons why I couldn't give more, was because of these two deal breakers for me...

1. This story did not focus on the main couple's personal connection enough for me. It had all the elements that the synopsis gives for this book, but they weren't really explored in depth enough to make me feel like "WOW! Lorenzo & Chase are epic together. Their love and plight just can't be denied!"... THIS is what I was hoping to feel with these two, but was left wanting in that way. Part of this issue was because there are too many other couples' revisits in this book, that took center stage away from Lorenzo&Chase. And when you add that to the other major elements needed to tell the story of the plot as to why Chase & Lorenzo's worlds were intertwined to begin with; their story together as a couple, suffers.

2. MAJOR PLOT HOLE- The truth of Lorenzo's parents and how he came to be and how certain things were easily kept secret. If you read this you'll know EXACTLY what I'm talking about the moment you read this reveal. It's like how could something so major be overlooked when explaining it all. SMH.

So these are the main reasons why this was not the 5 star read that I was anticipating. 
Everything else that contributed to this tale was well thought out though. Had enough mystery surrounding these people that it kept me interested and wanting to know how it would come to a close. So this is why I gave the fair rating of the 3 stars.

Though the true Villains here, I felt their payback should have ended with a much better bang, and the less rushed thud, that we get instead. But oh well, that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Barbarian's Touch (Ice Planet Barbarians, #7) by Ruby Dixon

I may go back and read Books 3&6, since I skipped over those, but after that I'm thinking that I will be done with this series. It's kinda starting to fizzle out for me as the books go on. And this was was my least fave of them thus far.

Way too much inner dialogue for both MC's here. I get Lila is deaf, so her inner monologue was needed in certain scenes, but I just wish their interactions with one another was just a bit more than what I got here. I love when Rokan finally learns ASL. That made their interactions a little better, but still it was too little too late for me. Usually the interactions between the characters when they can't communicate in a traditional sense, is really intriguing and at times intense, but not here with these two.

Aside from Lila's plight, their story just really was not all that interesting to me. *Shrugs*

I'm really mad that I used my 1st monthly freebie read on this one. Now I have to wait till next month to get another free read. #Bummer

Wicked Mate (Book 2) by Zoey Draven Warrior Of Rozun Mini Series

I truly loved how Devix and Cara's story came to a close here.
I loved that Devix's story was brought full circle. Him being Vindicated, and the peace he finally was able to achieve here.

This was an awesome story.


Again please do not pick up this Warrior of Rozun mini series, until you've read the Warriors of Luxiria first.

Wicked Captor (book 1) by Zoey Draven Warrior of Rozun Mini Series

Another hit! 

Please don't start this one until you've read the Warriors of Luxiria series first though.

Born Sinner (Se7en Sinners Book 1) - S.L. Jennings

I'm really not sure what I feel about this book. It was good. Intense. Scared the mess out of me. But I'm not sure when or IF I'll journey on with the rest of this trilogy. It's left me quite curious about how their story will come to close, but I just don't know if I'm willing to go there.

The histories here, concerning the Bible, the Devil, his minions and all the things that cannot truly be explained or proven in this world, were off the chain interesting in the way it was approached here. For this alone, I would highly recommend this read.

The Alien's Dream #5 by Zoey Draven

OMGoodNess!!!! Yes!!!

I thought I knew which book was my fave. Well, actually I loved all of these equally I think, but for different reasons. But for some reason #5, Vikan just cut me deeper than all of the others. Just Wow. A Great way to begin my Christmas morning by ending this story. It was just beautiful.

I am eager to read the rest of these. I believe #5 marks the end of the Warriors for Luxiria, concerning the Ambassadors and Leaders, but it picks up with the outcasts that were spoken of briefly in certain books. I cannot wait! These stories were just richer to me on many levels. I love how each story is truly different than the last one. The layers and situations just get deeper and deeper for these Alien Warriors and the women who love them.

Seriously, I've never been so enthralled with Alien sci-fi until I found this series. It's awesome.
If you're curious start at the beginning and PLEASE read in order.

Christmas Arrest by Mila Raphael

This was just a horrible book. Thank God it was just a dollar. I failed to see what made this such a "scorching" holiday read. The story just didn't flow organically enough to be believed or at least get you caught up in the characters. There was just nothing there for me. And the "hotness" factor wasn't there for me either.

Also way too many typos. Kept throwing me out of the flow of who exactly was talking at times. Others, I had to read a sentence a few times to make sure I was understanding it, because either words were added that shouldn't have been, or words were missing.

I personally would not recommend this read. It had promise yes, from the way the story began. But it just failed to deliver on all the points that it says it does.

The fact that it was just a dollar, and a very quick read are the only pluses to this book.


Alien's Touch (Book 4) by Zoey Draven


This book, nay this whole freaking series thus far, has been crazy awesome! I am going to take a minor break before moving on to the next book (5) in this series. Trying to savor it since it's the latest book in this series and I have just flown through these within mere days. Every book for me has been 5 stars. Trust me, if you love HOT Alien Sci-Fi but with an actual deeper plot that grows with each story; then I highly recommend that you pick this series. It says they can be read as standalones, but I strongly recommend that you read them in order as I have. They are all quick reads, but they are packed with alot of story. The best of both our reading worlds ;)

These Luxurian Warriors are off the chain, let me tell you.