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Reading is my passion. I love nothing more than to get lost in a story. Whether that be a fantasy story or one true to life. I love being able to share my experience through reading it.

Absinthe - Winter Renshaw


It was a good book. The first 75% of it was awesome.. But the last 25% it felt like I was reading a completely different story concerning the main characters. Where they end up and how, left me wanting big time. I see what you meant Princess J, about how it felt like the author was holding back in ways she really didn't need to.

The story, IMO, suffered greatly because the author was afraid to truly go there. At least this is the impression the author left for me. I felt as though there were many really intense paths this story could have taken, just given the characters and their plight. It was very clear the numerous directions in which this story could have gone. But I hate to say it, the author, IMO, chose the easiest and most common route possible. The depth that you think you'll get from this one is just not there towards the end. Many things were missing, lost and quite frankly; glossed over a bit.

The closing of the story was way too rushed as well. And just way to simplistic of a conclusion, considering the way the story started and what occurred in the middle of their journey.

I would say the first 75% of this read is a solid 5 stars. But by the time you're done, it falls to a solid 3.
It's still a good story though. Solid characters. 
I would still recommend this read.

Happy reading :)

Three, Two, One (321) - J.A. Huss

I walked away from this one a bit disappointed. For a time there, there were many things that looked promising. I will say the story kept me engaged. It kept me wondering what would happen next and why. But when it was time to bring all the chaos & mystery together to paint a picture of why this was all happening, it just fell way flat for me. 

The ending, for me, didn't feel like the story was closing. It felt like it was finally beginning.

I'm personally not bothered by all the hotness in this book. For me the hotter the better. What bothers me is that there was no balance between the hotness & the story itself. So I can see why many would be quick to say it was too much sex here. I've read plenty of books with much physical hotness in the mix. The difference between those stories and this one, is that there was a true, clear point/ purpose as to why all the physical love was there. Some how it was one of the many things that showed growth emotionally with the main characters involved.
Here, it feels like it was just thrown in there between the main characters, often, so they could have something to do.

So, yeah.. This held alot of promise overall, but in the end it just couldn't deliver for me.


A Trucker Christmas: A Romantic Short Story - Jamie Schlosser

A nice quick revisit from Travis & Angel, who I love. And a clever but brief way to introduce new characters in the series. Unfortunately, they didn't pique my interest enough to continue on with the series though.


But this Novella (#2.5) and books #1 and #2 of this series are great reads that I would recommend :)


Happy Reading :)


Dancer (The Good Guys Book 2) - Jamie Schlosser


Trucker (The Good Guys Book 1) - Jamie Schlosser

Loved it!

Beauty and the Beast: An Adult Fairytale Romance - Vivienne Savage

"Meh" It was just okay...


It was sweet in some instances and too "simpleton like" in others. A decent twist on the fairytale arc, but nothing truly original. I loved the Dragon and his male counterpart, Alistair. The heroine left much to be desired though in many instances, IMO.


Again, an okay read if you're in the mood for something very light in the passionate romance/ deep plot department.

Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts Book 1) - Kele Moon

Decent intro to the series. Not my fave though.. I'm glad I read book 2 in the series first.

But this one holds it's own and I liked the main couple.

Star Crossed (Battered Hearts Book 2) - Kele Moon



Romeo & Juliet took my breath away here.

The Fall Up - Aly Martinez

Loved it! Very Emotional & hot read ;)

Defining Destiny - Deanna Chase

This story would have been so much better, and at least a 4 star read for me, without the added & Unneeded element of Soul Mates. Especially if in this version, a soul mate isn't someone you'll end up with. That your soul mate can & most likely will be bad for you & the whole of your life. That they're either selfish, self centered lying a&&holes, or they're dead.
WTActualF is that? The fact that you can have a deeper more whole connection to someone who isn't your soul mate, renders this story completely pointless.

There were things that were interesting & even loving and sexy here. But that goes for the story outside of the whole destined mates things. This book would have been fine without the confusing & disppointing mess of the soul mate angle.

So no, I can't say I would recommend this one. I would say skip it.
It's hard to ignore the added elements here. It really mucks up the story as a whole that other wise would have been a decent read.

Never Let You Go: A Modern Fairytale - Katy Regnery

WHOA!!! Just WOW!

I love this second installment to this series. Very poignant story telling. Heart breakingly
beautifully. I would definitely recommend this read. Thus far this series. Book 1 is a gem of a read too.

Trust me folks, pick up this series right now.

Happy Reading :)

With a Prince: Missed Connections #2 - Jeffe Kennedy

I was very surprised here.  Once I got past the first 5 chapters.. I liked it :)

Beast (Twisted Ever After #1) - A. Zavarelli


Twisted Elegance... That's all I have to say about this one.

Many triggers here. So proceed with EXTREME CAUTION.. But it ends beautifully.
I'm so glad I pushed through with this one. It was hard to watch many times, but I refused to look away.

Javier & Bella took my breath away. They really did.

I would definitely recommend this one for my Dark Romance Lovers.

This story is going to stay with me for a long while.

Intense Reading :)

The Bad Guy - Celia Aaron
Solid 4.5 Stars

Okay so this story & Sebastian was just crazy intense! I loved him. Was scared to death of him. And oh so lusted after this man. This story is wicked hot. Yes it is. ;)

Sebastian really broke my heart in many ways. I would say that he and his Dad weren't really operating with a full deck, but hey, you do what you have to in order to survive. To have some semblance of normalcy. Things hoped for. So I get and love how Sebastian and his father, & their relationship was shown to us. How things from the past bled into and shed much needed light on the present.

I loved how strong willed Camille was. I don't think she faltered quickly AT. ALL. There were times when I was wishing she'd just break already. But it all happened when it should have and at the right time. Made things much more passionate & heartfelt for me as well.

What I didn't like, and what kept this from being a 5 star read for me was the latter parts and ending of the book.. Just given how intense and dark this book was from beginning and a little ways past the middle of the story, I felt how things wrapped up and were put into their boxes so neatly felt off to me. It gave the feel of a completely different story. Things were closed so easily and simply it just threw me off. The story and the characters just felt completely different than what you got in the first 70% of the book. Had this not been the case? 5 Stars definitely.

To close, this was a great read for me. I would certainly recommend it for my dark romance lovers.

Happy Reading :)


Blood Vow: Black Dagger Legacy - J.R. Ward

What can I say?
photo 12405832_zpsmzexn2vg.gif

I liked this one :)

Happy Reading


The Dark Princes: Scifi Alien Romance (The Ravager Chronicles Book 2) - Sara Page

Very good follow up.
I was VERY concerned about how this would go, considering I was dead set on Drek the Prince being Ameia's one and only. Their connection in book 1 and the beginning of this book just blew me away.. But Striker's devotion to her, especially when things were uncertain, and the resistance from Ameia & of course the reluctant surrender from because it was their culture; made this all very believable for me. I got it.

And I loved how many things played out here with her step brother & others. How certain things were brought to a close and how others are just beginning.

Curious about what will be revealed and how those reveals come about in book 3.

I'm very surprised so far with this series. I'm loving it. I would recommend it.
On the surface, some things in this series are quite similar with what you've gotten in this genre before. But what I love are the unique layers here with regards to the cultures & the events. And how everything unfolds. So in this regard, this series is a breath of fresh air & quite intriguing.

And did I mention oh so very, very hot & sexy? ;)

Happy Reading :)