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Reading is my passion. I love nothing more than to get lost in a story. Whether that be a fantasy story or one true to life. I love being able to share my experience through reading it.

December 2018
text: Alien's Touch (Book 4) by Zoey Draven
WOW! This book, nay this whole freaking series thus far, has been crazy awesome! I am going to take a minor break before movi...
November 2018
text: Been Silent Awhile....
Hey to all of my awesom Followers... Hope you all have been having an awesome 2018. I promise. I have still been reading ALO...
June 2018
read and rated
BLOODY HELL THIS WAS AWESOME!!!!I can't remember the last time I read a book in this genre that was THIS intense, scary, intr...
Unrequited (Fallen Aces MC Book 1) - Max Henry
June 2018
read and rated
Okay, so it's been a minute since I've actually had the time to write a review on a book I actually liked. So here goes...I w...
Claws And Fangs - Laurann Dohner
April 2018
read and rated
reviewed: Book Three
Okay.. This one may have taken a minute for me to get into. It didn't start to really interest me until about the 30-40% mark...
The Star Princess - Susan Grant
March 2018
read and rated
WOW!!!!!"Of all the places I've gone and people I've known and things I've love for you is the purest representatio...
Dearest Ivie: A Novella Set in the Black Dagger World (Black Dagger Brotherhood) - J.R. Ward
February 2018
read and rated
WTHeck kinda fresh hell was this?!This book just sucked. It took way too long to get to the point of why this dude felt so st...
Deviant - Jaimie Roberts
January 2018
The hardcover of this book, due for release in early march, shows a horse drawn wagon heading out into uncharted territory. T...
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January 2018
reviewed: "Her Beast" by Sam Crescent
Nope... So would not recommend this read to anyone.It was like watching a train wreck that I just couldn't look away from. Se...