Into the Ashes - Laurie Roma

Didn't really like this one too much. If I would have read this book before reading book 1, I never would have gone back to read book 1. So thank goodness I read these in order. Book 1 blew me away. Everything about that book was awesome, IMO. So maybe, after reading book 2, I'm thinking that this should never have been a series or trilogy. Let me explain...

Aside from the fact that with these characters, their chemistry just felt forced to me, in other words they didn't really have much chemistry. But back to my point, this is EXACTLY the same story as book 1. Just with different characters, different physical appearances, and a slight VERY SLIGHT, variation on the course & chain of events. But its the same story. Trust me. Even when it comes down to the dialogue & certain occurrences. Same story. And this is part of what ruined this one for me.

Like I said, the chemistry between Savitar, Kaden, Tristan & Raven is so forced here. I had a few moments where I found myself liking the males as individuals, but overall, I barely got a flutter from them. They just don't hold a candle to the 3 males in book 1, IMO.

Raven's inner monologue really bugged me too. I think it's cos not only was it the same as Allie's from book 1, in many respects, but for some reason Raven's inner monologue took center stage over the males'. I wanted more from the male POV like you get with book 1. It was more balanced in book 1. You got a lot more time in the males' heads, their emotions etc.. in book 1 alongside Allie's So it was all balanced well.

Here, it was 70% Raven & 30% her mates. The fact that she was saying so many things that I already knew, or often times she would just repeat herself, it just really irked me.

So because of all this, the hotness that was supposed to be apart of this tale, was not there at all for me.

I would not recommend this read. And if another book is coming out, I will not be reading it. I will forever recommend book 1, "Into The Dream" cos I think it's an awesome read. But it really should have been left as just a standalone novel with an HEA.. Not turned into an ongoing series or trilogy with other characters as the main focus, IMO. Especially since you get the same story. Nothing new. Nothing more. *shrugs*