Fire and Ice - Victoria Paige

Solid 4.5 Stars

What I loved the most about this story, is that I REALLY fell in love, or EXTREME like with just about every character here. With the exception of the Villains, of course. Everyone had layers to them. Relatable but also likable layers. This one, I feel, is a solid intro to a series. The plot, the intensity here & all the twists & turns makes this one a riveting read. The chemistry with all the characters not just the MC's, is tangible. I love that.

While our hero Jack & our heroine Maia will have you salivating with love, lust, passion, and heart skipping moments, I must say that I fell really hard for Jack's competition, Lee *swoons* I REALLY want one of him. So though I LOVE our hero here, and I feel he & Maia are great together,(They really burned up these pages. Individually & collectively) but I'm sorry Jack, but Lee just has me like that. I WANT LEE!

Maia is just a kick a** heroine all around. I love her. Even when she was clearly being hard headed & not always making the wisest choices. You got her & her motivation. What makes her tick.

Same with Jack just an awesome blend of an Alpha Male who loves hard. I loved watching his layers being peeled back as well.

So many things are on point here, but if I point them out, you will have spoilers.

But there was a moment/turn of events at the 91% mark, that truly ticked me off where Jack & Maia are concerned. I would have rather seen this "Fallout" go another way or come about a different way/reason. So this is why this one could not be a solid 5 stars for me. Though their ending, certainly did appease me a bit ;)

But I definitely would recommend this read. It has everything you would want to see in a novel if you truly are looking to be more than enticed, but truly entertained.

This will certainly be a series I will continue to follow.