For Her Honor - Elayne DiSano

Whoa! Ms. DiSano has done it again! 

I've already said this countless times, but it's no secret that I LOVE LOVE book 1 (For Your Sake) Ben and Eva's story was... in a word? Brilliant, IMO. So I could only hope that Taz'sstory would be a decent follow up. I wasn't expecting this story that I got. And I must say if I could, I think I would have rated this one a 6 star. That's how much I loved EVERY SINGLE aspect of this story.

From our heroine Karen's circumstances & the things that brought her to the small town of Tippit, to her period, I loved. It's no secret that I love Taz I mean come on, how could you not love him. I had a big crush on him since book 1. So I'm sooooo happy to find that I love the story surrounding him & his "Ol' Lady" just as much. I just felt... good being in their presence. They have great chemistry & banter, together. I loved watching those moments play out when they were getting to know one another. It felt authentic to me. Refreshing somehow. And I truly enjoyed being in their heads also. 

I think Ms. DiSano has a real talent for writing strong females. Ones who are strong, yet every bit a woman. Even in the midst of their stumbling & self doubt they manage to keep this sort of composure about themselves that not only exudes strength, but their vulnerability as well. You see this just as clearly with Karen as you did with Eva (book 1) Maybe even more so. And so far, with both books, neither heroine has had a TSTL (Too Stupid To Live) moment(s). Love this.

I think the plot/suspense surrounding this particular story was definitely on point. It kept me guessing, had me gasping with my eyes bugging out, and it made me care. Care about what would happen, how things would turn out. Why it's all happening in the first place. And once all was revealed, none of it ended on a dud, that had me reacting like this...
photo 841415_zpsd31194d7.gif
So I was very happy about that.

This one definitely has it's hot & endearing moments. I must admit there were several times when I was left like...
photo jenna_zps378c78c6.gif

And others that had me just...
photo heart-beating_zps5621f6b0.gif

Taz scared me more than the villains did, I think. I mean dude pulls no punches. Though I am so in love with him, I would NEVER EVER cross a line with him. Cos as loving, loyal, & protective he can be, dude is crazy, deranged, just flat out scary. There were many times when he had me like...
photo tumblr_ma7na6A4Rq1r2a5r0o1_1280_zpsf3b2c687.gif
and then immediately to..
photo 10431053_zps4f52997a.gif
So I love Taz dude gets & keeps me hot & giddy but some of the stuff he does???
photo 9671497_zps399e84a3.gif

I just loved how everything played out & came together in this one. I was truly trying to savor it cos I just didn't want it to end.

This was an EXCELLENT follow up from book 1. I would highly recommend this read, this series thus far. Please read in order. Both books are awesome!

I really really hope Aero's story is next. I've been way too curious about that man since book 1.