It's Always been You - Victoria Paige

I really enjoyed this read. Of course I fell in love with our lead Alpha male Travis he was just the right mix of all things overbearing, hot, sensual, possessive, loving & protective.

I loved watching the dynamic play out with he & Caitlin as well. There was plenty of emotional, mental, & physical chemistry to witness with these two.

But what made their story just.. more for me, was the surrounding plot involving them. So many twists and "OMG! I thought I knew where this was going, but I was SO wrong"reveals. And I must say I loved that. It kept me intrigued throughout the entire novel. Things just kept popping up & happening. I was like... "Damn! What's gonna happen next?!"Maybe this is why I felt like I was never going to finish the book? I never hit a slow or dragging point within the novel, but I was wondering why it took me so long to finish it. This isn't a bad thing though :D

Nothing felt rushed here or like it was just left there either. Like it was forgotten about by the time the story comes to a close. I love how all the things that were introduced here, was brought to a close or left you with a clear impression that you would be returning to it in future books, but without that dreaded feeling/thing, called a "Cliffy".

There is a clear set up here for another book. But I love how it was balanced within the story and how it didn't take away from anything concerning our main characters or their plight. It all flowed well & had a purpose. So this was awesome for me.

I would say this is a solid, intriguing, erotic & suspenseful intro to a series. It has me curious about what's to come in the next & future books. I would definitely recommend this read.