Little Black Book - Tabatha Vargo, Melissa Andrea

Let me start by saying that I really enjoyed this read. Alot more than I thought I would. 

I was wondering, while reading, why so many people had issues with the lead H, Sebastian though. Some DNF'd this read because of it, & some it took awhile for them to warm to him. I mean he was no more a jerk than 90% of the Alpha males out there in books, IMO. He was alot more polished with his "Alpha-assness", though. And maybe that's why he didn't bother me. But then again, I like them rough around the edges too. Sometimes, I like them to be just completely flat out obnoxious too. I guess it all depends upon where my line is at the moment, and if they cross it or not. I know that early on, for some reason I already understood & sympathized with Sebastian. Even though I was nowhere near finding out his whole story yet. This too, I think is why his overall actions & reactions, did not bother me. So I enjoyed him throughout the whole book. Though it has to be said that some of the things he said & did, had me going from this...
photo tumblr_ms729opCq21raxhjio1_500_zpsc5fd3938.gif
To this...
photo 10227198_zpsfa948d70.gif

I did like our lead heroine, Rossylyn. Given her circumstances, and where she found herself, I'd say she handled herself pretty well. I sympathized with her plight on many fronts. I could easily put myself where she was & contemplated if I too, would have chosen some of the things she did. Bottom line, she was likable and wasn't TSTL. Qualities I appreciate GREATLY in a heroine. I think her & Sebastian also have great chemistry together. I enjoyed watching their dynamic play out.

What changed the rules to the game with this story, and I loved it, was what occurs around the 79% mark of this book. It was completely unexpected. Beyond shocking & scary. And had me reacting like this...
photo tumblr_inline_mflrotfKIZ1r400ia_zpsf651eab7.gif
I mean I closed my Kindle super fast when I read it. After I got my bearings & courage, I opened it again and read on. The details still jacked me up though.

Vick I don't like this chick at all. You hear me? I just want to do this to her..
photo tumblr_mbipr6qUvB1qdunk8o1_500_zps705ad309.gif
Over and over again.

I do so love how this one ends, too.

So, overall I would recommend this read. It's sexy, it's entertaining and it managed to surprise me as well. And no cliffy either :)