Blood Redemption - Tessa Dawn

Solid 3.75 Stars

Saber! Saber! Saber!

I have to say that this book was the most emotional for me, thus far in this series. I have been quite taken with Saber since I met him in book one. Eagerly awaiting his story because I knew that he would have added complicated, (to say the least) layer(s) to him. I must say I was not disappointed on this front. Saber's upbringing, very existence, past whatever, really broke my heart. Secrets that are revealed here and the aftermath of the consequences, had my heart just bleeding for him in many instances. I wanted to just take all the confusion, anger, pain, and betrayal away from him. Just fix it. But the journey of course, had it's ups & downs. Beautiful & ugly moments in abundance.

I wasn't sure how I felt about Vanya Saber's Destiny. Although I grew to love their interactions together, the push & pull with them. It kept me engaged and on edge in many scenarios. It also had me like this a few times...
photo tumblr_mk2zgau9Bo1qzrua5o1_500_zps91867c1a.gif
All I can say is that Saber knows how to put it down...

Buuuut ultimately I thought & was hoping things were going to go a certain way with he and his Destiny, but they didn't. In one instance, toward the very end, it was so childish/pointless.. A waste of words if you will, that I couldn't help but get ticked and just react like...
photo tumblr_inline_mlp743JVXa1qz4rgp_zpsb28c9d75.gif
I mean it just really took the steam and tangible, real emotion out of their situation. Them coming together would have been much more effective if Ms. Dawn chose to approach it from a more sincere and poignant place, IMO. And I'm a bit let down that their ending feels more like a HFN (Happily For Now) than a solid HEA (Happily Ever After) And it shouldn't feel this way concrning an immortal being and his immortal Destiny. I mean it's clear that Saber has alot to atone for. And tons of growth & changing his perspective on a lot of things. There is no way that all of this could be rectified in his book. I understand and am fine with that. But when it came to his Destiny, I feel like things could & should have been alot more solid. So i think this just means that for me, Vanya didn't exactly cut it for me asSaber's Destiny. She just wasn't completely Yin to his Yang. And that's unfortunate.

My Baby, Napolean The Light Vampyr King. He put it down throughout this entire book. Loved that he was so present here. And what he gives is on point. Just...
photo 5808948_zpsfb283fbb.gif

This one ended on a decent note, I guess. But it was definitely not what I would have expected considering how strong the beginning and middle of this story was. It was a bit lack luster for me in the last 15% of the novel.
photo W0YWa_zpscd424f98.gif

But the Epilogue definitely leaves you with a "WTH is happening here & why?!" vibe. So if you know me, you know I can't wait to find out.

So as always, I would recommend this read/series. I advise you to read in order & proceed with caution.