Sex Love Repeat - Alessandra Torre

To say this story is a roller coaster ride of emotion, would kinda be an understatement. Those who have "watched" me read this, can certainly vouch for that.

Reading the blurb for this one, you can pretty much guess the overall gist of this story. But... you will be wrong. This deliciously jacked up onion of fiction, has so many twists, turns, & flat out "My jaw is on the floor" moments, you will lose count. I must say as much as the hard moments made themselves known with this story, I was very pleased & beyond surprised, what I encountered here. Too many times I went from this...
photo 856818_zps34f3ef22.gif 

To this...
photo 883738_zps550aa816.gif

photo 855274_zpsaf411eea.gif

On to this..
photo 665403_zps27aa2612.gif
photo 84351_zps6f205500.gif 
photo 9749418_zpsd6511686.gif 
And back again.

What kept this one from being a 5 star read for me,was that I had issues with how all the things came to a close. Considering what was at stake. The ramifications that would have to come from the truth being revealed. I just didn't like how it was all handled/executed. It kinda left me wanting a bit, to be honest. And I wasn't particularly feeling how the epilogue made the heroine appear. What it implied she knew, I didn't like.

But overall it was a nice surprise to read such a lustful tale with heart & soul & REAL problems/issues in the mix. On this alone I would highly recommend this read.

And Paul & Stewart?
photo tumblr_lwume7_Pkz_J1qmfpm2o1_500_zps09c0b2c3.gif