The Lost Souls: Holy Trinity Trilogy - Madeline Sheehan

WTH?! That's how it ended?!

Ms. Sheehan Where the heck is the final book? I have been waiting for the past 2 years almost for the final book. It took me forever to bite the bullet and read this one. Now I totally hate myself for caving... I am ruined. UTTERLY RUINED.

I thought Books 1 and 2 jacked me up. I was wrong. My Gawd. READ THIS TRILOGY PEOPLE! I urge you start from the beginning & be smart, don't do what I did. Wait until all the books are out. You will thank me later for this advice.

This Novella is a rollercoaster ride of emotion. Fear, romance, love, lust, Hell, intrigue, hate, hurt & death galore. I no longer have a voice cos I have screamed and cried so much while reading this. I can't go into any type of detail without giving you a spoiler. So I will say this journey this trilogy takes you on is beyond unique. Beautiful. Heart pounding all the way through. I have been knocked on my a** and dragged through the mud reading this trilogy. No, I take that back, it's more like I've been driven through a brick wall, with no airbags.


I seriously cannot wait for the conclusion any longer. I need that book Ms. Sheehan So give me what I need dang it!


I would HIGHLY recommend this read/Trilogy. Read in order & read when ALL the books are released.