Covet (London Vampires #1) - Felicity Heaton

I knew there was a reason why I was saving this on my kindle. This was just what I needed to get me out of my very recent book funk.

Javier, Javier Could you ask for a more insatiable vampire? I think not. I am in love with this dude. Plus, the guy will have you like....
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This book has everything any PNR lover would want: Hot, endearing, & mysterious characters. Intense passion, intense action. Great dialogue. And a plot not only believable, but interesting. This is a quick read but not too quick. You get just enough of everything so that by the end nothing feels rushed. The ending is solid & feels complete with NO CLIFFHANGER!!!!
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This is book 1 of a series, but it appears each book will have different characters as the main focus. I for one cannot wait to dive into the other books, cos every character I met in this one, was quite intriguing. I would recommend this read.