NOPE... DNF'd after 56%

Minority Affairs: Intense Interracial Erotica - Scottie Lowe, AfroerotiK Boudoir Photography

DNF'd after 56%

This book has 16 short stories, 17 if you're counting the preface..

I managed to read 11 stories.(Well technically 9, since 2 of the shorts are actually photo images.)  Stopping in the middle of the 12th story. I just couldn't take it anymore.

What I found in all of the 11 stories I completed with the exception of one, was a disgusting display of all manners of depravity. What the blurb implies that you will get with this book, is the complete opposite of what you witness here. I've read plenty of Erotica. And even Interracial Romance/or Erotica. Let me tell you, THIS is not it. This is cheap porn. Cheap porn with horrible dialogue to boot. 

There is no depth here. No depth with characters, nothing. It's just intense degradation for intense degradation's sake. Trying to be passed off as sensual erotica. Rolled into a piss poor cup of attempted Political Race Relations statements. 

There was only one story here, the only one that seemed to evoke real emotion, passion, & understanding without coming off as a statement of race relations, Black & White superiority & stereotypes.

Based on the preface, & the 10 out of 11 shorts I've read, it appears that this author has a MAJOR chip on their shoulder when it comes to White/or Black supremacy/interracial relationships/erotica.
I was left with the impression that this author used this genre as their own personal platform to express their own dislike, deep rooted hatred concerning many aspects of race, race relations stemming from slavery through the ages to the present... I could be wrong in my assessment, but it was this tone that was ringing to me VERY loudly while I was reading this book. Up until I stopped at the 12th short. I couldn't finish it. And when I saw I had 4 more stories to endure, I had to put a stop to the madness.

Nothing sexy or even touching here. It's pointless. It's angry. And it is completely one sided in it's views. And to top it all off the writing is choppy, the dialogue is horrid & the scenarios are completely off the reservation in many instances.

I would never, NEVER recommend this read to anyone. You hear me? ANYONE. If I did it would be like a smack to their faces. I'm still lost on how this book has an average rating of 5 stars, but to each his or her own. We are all allowed to like & dislike whatever we read. But I stand by my statements; This is NOT True, Real, Sensual Erotica. This is not even Erotica. Read at your own risk.