For Your Sake - Elayne DiSano

I really like this story. It has the right amount of EVERYTHING that makes a girl like me, a happy camper :D

The right amount of danger & intrigue. A great premise/plot, that's not only believable, but that pulls you in and makes you not only care about the outcome, but the people involved as well. Even when there are things present that are just down right shocking & at times, a hard pill to swallow.. There are alot of the details here attached to a lot of emotion. Great dialogue in the unfolding of the story. You feel as though you're right there with them. In the thick of it. Experiencing everything that they are. Fear, uncertainty, love, lust hate, rage. All of it. You see it and you feel it.

Ben, what to say about this man. I'm scared of him. I really am. But in the midst of his chaos there is still a certain honorable truth with him. In his heart. That no matter what he has done, witnessed, or endured in his life, there is still a certain innocence about him that remained untouched. With him the complicated things are simple & the simple, complicated. He's a complete contradiction. A handsome one, but a scary contradiction nonetheless.

There are things here that Ben does & the way he carries them out, that are just cold. In many respects. But you don't get the impression in the midst of his brutality, that HE is cold. That the hard truths & choices he makes don't affect him. Cos they do. You see it. He's just very good at putting things in their proper places & boxes in order to function and be able to carry out whatever he feels needs to be done at the time. Some are very good at this & others aren't. Ben let me tell you is a master at it. But even he has a limit & a breaking point. And I love that you get to see just enough of this within him to let you know he is human.

Eva I love this chick. I love her because when its said that she is a smart, independent woman.. her actions, thoughts, & reactions do not contradict this statement. Not once. You simply see a woman who is in love. Who has her own demons to fight, but keeps it together without any TSTL moments as bumps in the road. She's a woman who can accept what's in front of her. The hard truths but still manages to do this without compromising the very core of who she is in the process. When she needs to take a step back, she does. She knows how to pick her battles too. If she hits a snag, she never stays on the stupid stuff for too long. Cos she is one of those rare women who can actually see the big picture. Quickly & clearly. And she makes her moves accordingly.

I LOVE heroines like this and I so wish that more were written in this manner. They're strength is very present, but quiet. They get their point across without being over bearing, loud, or complicated for complicated sake. They also don't make stupid contrived moves/decisions to get their points across & wind up making things worse before it gets better. And without having to hop on the stupid chain, the men & people in their lives are still very aware of the type of women that they are and what they demand. I love this. And this is what I saw with Eva.

In turn Eva & Ben had Crazy White Hot Mental, Emotional, & Physical chemistry together. They burned up the pages I must say, in many respects. *blushes*

I loved how their stories, individually as well as collectively, alongside the plot, unfolded. It was all done quite well. Even the secondary characters have layers. Love it.

Honestly, this is one of the few, out of the many MC books I've read, that I feel was on point throughout. I would definitely recommend this read.