Wheels of Steel Book 2 - Pepper Pace

This 2nd installment to the WOS Saga, was certainly more interesting, IMO,  than the 1st book. There were a lot of things that occurred here that felt more authentic. That touched me more in a way that did not include irritating me. Though there were those moments in this book as well. But over all, I felt it was a great continuation when it comes to digging deeper into the main & secondary characters, & their journey.

I absolutely HATE however, how this one ended. And I can't for the life of me reconcile how Jason would even behave or react in such a way, given the circumstances, drunk or not. It just didn't feel at all like something that would likely or possibly occur with him. Not digging that at all. It just felt VERY contrived for shock factor/cliffhanger sake. 

Having said that, thank goodness I have book 3 on my kindle already so I can dive right into it.

I would recommend this read, but I highly recommend that you read this in order. It's a saga with an on going plot dealing with the same characters. Main & secondary.