Love Intertwined Vol. 2: Four Tales of Interracial Eroticism - Pepper Pace

OMG! Solid 4.75 Stars

This collection of 4 shorts, was... Intriguing. Hilarious at times and just flat out shocking in others. But what they all managed to do is hold my interest. And also bring one very important ingredient to the table, in most cases... Heart.

My Special Friend : 3.75 Stars

I think this one had the most romance attached to it than the other 3 stories. It was brief, but detailed, and it had a lot of heart warming but hilarious scenarios with the 2 main characters. I liked both of them & I think they were Yin to the others' Yang. And their ending was actually quite beautiful. And they managed to throw quite a bit of sexy in there too.

Blair and the Emoboy: 3 Stars

This was the shortest out of all of them, I think. And it was also the main reason why I bought this book. I liked both of the characters, but this brief short, left me wanting. It was decent, but it does have me wondering what all the hype is concerningTHIS story, cos it just didn't do much for me. If anything it made me wonder what became of them a bit, but that's it.

MILF: 3.5 Stars
This was exactly what the title implies it to be. It's hot, brief but detailed with very likable characters & a believable scenario to boot. It was hot, mildly intense but because I liked the chemistry between these two, I was hoping for hotter. Or maybe just a little bit more time with them.

Emoboy; The Submissive Dom: 4.5 Stars

This one was the longest out of all the stories and it's also my wish being granted. It's a continuation of "Blair and the Emoboy" 

Daniel had my mouth open in stupefied shock for the entirety of this story. Watching him embrace his darker desires, while away from Blair, threw me... BIG TIME. I mean there were instances when I was literally like...
photo 4986510_zps088d24fd.gif
But I couldn't look away, nor did I want to. I found myself thinking that I should be really ticked at him for some of the lines he crossed, but just couldn't find it in myself to be mad. Messed me up. But I had to know how his journey would end & in spite of it all, I was rooting for him. I also enjoyed how the secondary characters & their own personal journeys played into this story as well. Everything was well placed & had purpose for what at first, seemed to be chaos. And it all was brought to a close nicely for them. 

I had issue with how quickly Blair seemed to be so forgiving & on board with what was occurring in her absence, though. Especially since she didn't know about it, and how it was all sprung on her when it was brought to light. That didn't feel natural at all or even like something she would be readily able to forgive. But in all, it still worked out & came to a great close with her & Daniel. So, I was happy...
photo tumblr_mqz3ufMjI21sr39gto1_250_zpsf47e43e1.gif

Yes Ms. Pace managed to do it again. I would definitely recommend this read.