Love Intertwined Vol. 1: Three Tales of Interracial Romance and Eroticism (Volume 1) - Pepper Pace

Someone to Love: 4 Stars

This was the shortest of the 3 stories. Still sweet, a little bit sexy & completely not the norm. Definitely anti hero & heroine. But interesting, entertaining, & heart warming all the same.

The Way Home: 4.5 stars

This second story is a bit longer. A bit more fleshed out plot with the characters & their circumstances. Endearing & heart warming. A tale of unlikely young love, blossoming into a deep, remarkable and enduring love that lasts. Showing that when it's real, absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Baby Girl and the Mean Boss: 5 stars

Don't let the title fool you. This one is by far the best story of the 3. Not only is it the longest out of the 3, but it has the best fleshed out plot, journey & well developed characters.
I immediately fell in love with the couple here. And I was sucked into the mystery surrounding their circumstances. And when all is revealed, it certainly does not disappoint. This one is white hot with the emotional & physical intensity.

Very well done on all 3, Ms. Pace

I would recommend this Volume 1 edition. It's certainly worth the 3 in one. You get a better deal with this one than if you were to buy these stories separately.

Now if only I could get Volume 2, in Kindle format as well.
*hint, hint*