Breach - K.I. Lynn

I now know why the instinct was there, & why I always listened to it & skipped over this book in my kindle, for nearly a year.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but it was just way too much pointless sex here. I mean coupled with the "Mystery" that's trying to be portrayed here, it just didn't work.

I'm not trying to belittle Lila's past history & how it affects her present, (cos it stems from a very serious & heartbreaking place) but in comparison to the little snippets of jacked up-ness you're given concerning Nathan, Lila's issues/hang ups came off as very simple & made her just seem more like a whiner, not a survivor. And it made me wish that this story came from a different angle, as far as how it's executed.

I think if this story focused more on the mystery behindNathan then this would have been a good read. But the plot doesn't take you there. It keeps its focus more so on Lila, & also the whole book is in her POV. But concerning Nathan, I kept thinking "That's why he was put here, right? The intrigue, the mystery, dark secrets/past that surrounds him"; that's what keeps you reading this book. But sadly your given nothing but incomplete teasers concerning him. All the way to the end. The most you get from him here is sex & his often intense, but crude way of going about it. Just when you think you're about to get something a little deeper from him, it quickly shifts back to Lila& her view of him through her own very tainted lens.

The characters began to lose my interest when I hit the 57% mark of this book. They never regained it. By the time I was at the 80% mark I just wanted it to be over. 

Not understanding the hype or high ratings with this one, but we all like what we like. Nothing about this story or the characters has caused me to want to continue on with this series or trilogy to find out how it all works out. 

So.. no, I would not recommend this read. Be advised, there is a cliffhanger, of course.