Broken Dove  - Kristen Ashley

FINALLY!!!!! We are back to the writing basics of KA, that I love!

Excuse me while I celebrate a bit...
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Sorry, but it's been awhile since I was able to do this with a KA novel.

I have been waiting for this book since I read book 3 back in August 2012. I have been praying that my baby, Apollo, that his story was done justice. Were my prayers answered? HELL YEAH!

Everything about this story was done superbly. There is not one single aspect of this book, that left me wanting. Not one.
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Apollo I am so in love with this man, his story, his world. His beliefs & convictions. His wants & needs. His whole person & everything underneath it, I absolutely love. There are just no words. My Gawd!

Ilsa I think I am just as in love with her as I am Apollo Her heart is just beautiful. And these two set the pages of this book on fire. In thought, desire, & action. Their story had my tears rolling. My heart breaking & mending together again. They had my juices flowing. They had my adrenaline pumping. They had me... Period.

I must give a shout out to the Adela tea... Pick this stuff up people! You will be gloriously spent. Several times over. It will have you like...
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I am surprised to see that there will be another book. A final one, to this series. The way things unfolded here & how the things concerning the on going plot were rectified, I thought this book was a great close to it all. But I am curious to see what this final book will bring. I hope it closes the series on a high note. 

So I HIGHLY recommend this read. This series. And please read this series in order.

I now have 2 favorites in this series. Book 2, The Golden Dynasty & now this one, book 4, Broken Dove.