Quintessentially Q  - Pepper Winters


The H/h both are the weirdest, most whiny asses I've read in awhile.

If she wasn't doing this..
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Then his butt was doing this..
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Eventually, they would both come to this conclusion..
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But then they'd turn right back around, & do this..
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So, naturally all of it left me like this..
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I just felt a major disconnect with the characters. Mainly cos they both have VERY long winded inner monologues throughout this book. Whether they are together or not, most of their time is spent in their heads. Which leads to repetition. There's hardly any dialogue. This is always a struggle for me. I like to experience, see & feel the conflict, I don't necessarily like to be told every single thing that they're thinking/feeling. I like & need a good balance between the two. And I didn't get that here.

And on top of not feeling the chemistry with the main characters, the vile, horrendous, & "heartbreaking" occurrences; didn't strike a cord with me really. I'm not sure why though. It's not like the scenes were poorly written. They were written quite well. And for awhile, these were the only things that held my interest. But I think it may be because of who these things are happening to, is why it didn't really touch me. Cos overall I didn't care for the people these events were affecting.

A character like Quincy written under a slightly different scope/premise, I would have fallen head over heels for his disturbed behind. But here, it just wasn't workin for me.

And Tess? just had me like..

This whole book just felt like it was kinda forced. Like it was only written cos the 1st book was so "Good" & the Hero (Quincy) was so adored & lusted after in book 1. And I saw that my assumption was correct, for the most part, when I read the Author's note at the end of this book.

I have to be honest, it does make me curious to read book 1. Cos I initially had no desire to do so before. But I'm hesitating cos I do not like the way this book was structured when it comes to monologue/dialogue. And if the chemistry between the H/h was missing for me here, I'm afraid it won't be present in book 1 either.

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