Tiger Magic -  Jennifer Ashley

This was a pretty good read, I think. Though this is not a series that I follow, this is the 1st book I've read in this series, I have to say for an on going plot it was quite easy to follow the story.

While some of the dialogue was a bit campy/cheesy, I do love the character of Tiger I like how his character was portrayed. His innocence untouched. He's simply a creature of instinct & heart. He keeps things straight forward, simple, real, & sexy.

His mate Carly, she was alright, I guess. I don't dislike her. But there was nothing really remarkable about her either.

I do like all of the other characters here. It appears you get a lot of revisits from main characters of previous books.

One minor thing that kinda bothered me about this story, is that everything seemed to take place in or around a car. Like most of the character interactions were in this type of setting.

And the whole mystery of who Tiger really is and why he was created, fell short for me.

But all in all this was a decent read. If you follow this series or if like me, you were just curious about this book, I would recommend it.