The Throwaway Year - Pepper Pace

While this story has a lot of similarities between it and another of Ms Pace's novels, "Beast", (which is a book I ABSOLUTELY LOVE) this is still a unique read in itself. The characters' personalities are still quite different. Some of their circumstances are different as well.

If there was one thing that I do wish was more similar to "Beast" with this novel, it would be the length of the novel, as well as getting Brian's POV. I felt I missed out on a lot of really getting to know him. I wanted to hear his voice, see his reactions through his own words. Not just according to Hayden's POV. While these two have great chemistry together, & the places they are both at in their lives allows them to be open to one another, I still wish I could have gotten Brian's perspective as well, while these things unfolded. Not to belittle the growth of Hayden's character or the issues that she was fighting through, but Brian's issues not only affected him internally & externally, they affected people close to him greatly. A ripple effect of sorts. So I would have loved to see a broader scope with him, before witnessing he & Hayden coming full circle together. 

If we would have gotten this then I would have gotten more time with them as well. I love these two together. They make me giddy...

And Brian just has this thing about him that leaves a chick like...

But I do so love their story. I love the pacing of this book & the message that it brings with it. It's not only realistic, but it's quite touching & erotically hot. And the ending was just beautiful. I couldn't put it down.

I would highly recommend this read. Keep it up Ms. Pace!
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