Heart of the Hunter: Dragon Chalice Series (Volume 1) - Lara Adrian


What an enchanting, fantastical, engaging tale! Very intriguing plot/premise. The telling and world building of this world & characters are done superbly. I could not put this book down. I had to make myself stop reading it several times for fear of the story ending too soon. I wanted to live, breathe & love in this world, forever.

Braedon... My GAWD! This man is just utterly devastating. In his words, action, & thoughts. I was in a constant state of awe & arousal.
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Ariana I love this chick. She is so strong. Selfless. Fearless in the face of fear. The lengths she went to & what she endured to get to her brother, Kenrick WOW.

She & Braedon were perfect for one another. They balanced each other well. They had the emotional as well as the physical bond. And let me just say... WHOA!
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I love this story and I can't wait to dive into books 2&3. Book 2 is to be about Kenrick, Ariana's brother.

So keep in mind this is a series concerning an on going saga. One that continues through the different books, but with different characters/love interests being the main focus along side the on going plot. You get an HEA with the main characters of this book, but the resolution of the plot, appears to be on going.

I love series' like this. So I would highly recommend this book. Hoping book 2 is just as great *crosses fingers*