Joseph Fallen - M.S. Willis

Now THIS! is precisely the kind of jacked up mess that I would have loved to see in the 1st book of this series (Madeleine Abducted) But sadly there was nothing at all good about that book. IMO. Which makes me wonder after reading this deliciously scary, totally off the wall, beyond sick; insane prequel, it has me wondering...
What happened with the 1st book, M.S. Willis?
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But I digress... This Prequel is the story of the one and only Joseph Carmichael And his unfortunate lust for power above all other things. And how it led to him embracing the most vile, dark, frightening corners of his very soul, and ultimately how it serves in destroying the one true thing of beauty that he ever got to hold & will never touch again.

I cried & screamed & almost threw up a few times while reading this book. Yes, it's THAT jacked up. If you think you know Joseph in book 1 of this series, you have no freakin clue about this man. But this prequel, will certainly enlighten you.

It tells you the whole story of all that you come to know in book 1. So if you are looking to start this series I would strongly advise you to read this first, before reading Madeleine Abducted. 

As I said earlier there was nothing I liked about book 1. And its because of that that I almost did not read this prequel. Joseph while yes, he is the enemy in book 1. He did not live up to the status of Villain IMO. But he definitely earned his stripes in this one.

If you don't have the stomach for the vile & cruel. No HEA in sight or  darkness & beyond, then I would say stay away from this series. And definitely don't go near this book. But if you think you can handle it, then by all means have at it. And make sure you start here.

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Yes, I would recommend this read.