Mine  - Katy Evans

Solid 1.5 Stars
photo justfyi_supernatural.gif Now let's be clear... The only reason why I stayed here was because of Remy.. And my love & hope that came from book 1(Real) But unfortunately, like a marriage, it takes more than one person to keep the boat afloat. Brooke completely sunk this ship for me. I'm not happy about it. As a matter of fact, I'm beyond disappointed with her. But that's not the only thing I'm unhappy about.
Case & point... Contrived Plot throughout this entire book.
1. From chapter 2 & beyond, all Brooke did was cry, complain, & show just how utterly insecure she is as far as herself, her relationship with Remy & their circumstances. She's whining about stuff that she knew she was already gonna have to deal with when she decided to be with Remy It's not like she wasn't aware. She seen these things for herself before she even got involved with him. It just comes with the territory as far as his profession goes. Yet here she is acting all hurt & jealous & cooking up all kinds of ridiculous thoughts in her head & being a brat about it towards him in the process. At the worst possible times mind you. Yet it's so blatantly clear to the reader & the other characters in the book, where Remy's loyalties lie. Why doesn't Brooke see this? photo cs.gif
2. I was not at all happy about the MAJOR turn this story took concerning these two. There are many reasons why this should not have happened, IMO. Ms Evans should never have taken it there. And the fact that it was also used as a catalyst to explain Brooke's irrational, irritating behavior, made me loathe this plot development even more. The fact that this book was once again told in Brooke's POV does not help matters cos all she does is obsess. About Remy's body, about her unreasonable insecurities & back & forth. It got beyond ridiculous. So much so I was left reacting this way... photo tumblr_lxwup7Wxa11qi53v3_zpsa55d72c0.gif We've never needed a Male POV more than we do in this book. I needed Remy's thoughts here. I needed to see exactly what it is he saw & loved about Brooke through his eyes. I simply just needed to be in his space without a 3rd party narrative. I needed to hear his thoughts in his own words. Especially during his dark times. Because Brooke, just wasn't doing it justice. I think it would have made for a more reasonably dramatic & poignant tale that Ms. Evans was trying to convey, but just missed the mark greatly by using Brooke's voice. Or should I say using a voice that has nothing deep to say.
Also, there is a big difference between having a Great love in your life & that love BEING YOUR LIFE In Brooke's case this was NOT a good thing. 90% of her thoughts, feelings & emotions were directly dependent upon Remy & his world. I think if there had been more balance with this & we got it in healthy doses, it wouldn't have been an issue with me. But cos we never got it in that vein, this bothered me a lot.
3. The mess with Brooke's sister Nora was a complete dud/let down. Really? That was the big mystery behind what she was doing? Are you kidding me? I never liked her sister anyway. But, still... And Scorpion, considering what he did in book 1 & what he did in the beginning of this story, I really feel like his "Semi-Demise" was a bit anti-climactic. Though I really don't feel like this is the total end for him. Considering that little brief exchange between he & Remy before it was "lights out" but still in this book, his "ending" was lacking.


As you can see I hated this book. Honestly, if you're an author looking to extend a series on the same characters, then come up with an actual plot & not a gross extension of more of the same. Brooke's constant insecurity/whining was not only unoriginal, it totally ruined this book. We needed Remy's POV here. Badly. A real plot (not a lame revisit of a subplot concerning her sister) but a real & new plot, with growth in the characters being the name of the game. 

I loved book 1. And after reading book 2, I think this should have never been made into a series. There were so many avenues that Ms Evans could have taken with this book concerning Remy & Brooke. But she chose the easiest, most common & irritating route. And the fact that the 3rd book "Remy" is just going to be a recap of what we already know from book 1, just solidifies my point that this should have never been made into a series. 

So back to my original statement, Remy is what made this book for me. Though you don't get enough of him, what you do get is beyond intense, sexy, sweet & endearing. It's just unfortunate that his other half wasn't able to make it complete.

So no, I can't in good faith say that I would recommend this read. You're taking a risk if you read it. It could go either way for you.