DNF (Did Not Finish) Review

Beneath the Burn - Pam Godwin

I'm sorry but I just couldn't do it. After reaching the 11%, page 51, heading into chap 9 mark, I just couldn't go on. Just could not produce the energy to care about these characters or be interested in their plight. Especially the heroine & her captor & what was occurring with them. Or the completely unrealistic/generic way the author tries to establish an emotional connection with the heroine & the guy who is expected to be her love interest. After just 1 chance encounter with him that lasted all but a little over an hour & no in depth info concerning his demons, I found it hard to believe that while she is once again held captive, that she is drawing strength or perspective concerning this other guy's demons that she doesn't even know. Let alone what his demons may consist of.


Just didn't ring true that she would even be thinkin about this stranger while she is in such a horrible & beyond frightening & degrading predicament... Again.