Night Owl (The Night Owl Trilogy) - M. Pierce

What I loved:
I love how from the beginning I was completely drawn into this story. I justhad to know how this would play out. I needed to understand why I was essentially so drawn to the lead male, even though in the beginning, he was very much a Jerk Monkey to the heroine (Hannah). I couldn't let go of the mystery surrounding him & the why of her being so drawn to him in spite of his attitude, actions, & less than honorable, selfish choices he made in regards to his pursuit of her. But hey, I got my answer... We were just 2 dumba** chicks infatuated with this dude. LOL! It's kinda hard not to be. And knowing all of this, I still can't pinpoint WHY it was so hard not to be, & so easy to fall. But those are the best kinds of stories. The ones that put you in this predicament.
To say that Matt, our lead male has some demons, would be an understatement. Dude has more issues than Rolling Stone magazine, but still he has this purity about him. No matter what he's done, thought, felt or experienced, he's never shaken this from his core. This purity of emotion. Love, simply that raw essence he just exudes & you can't help but care for & want to nurture it, nurture him. Without completely taming the beast. Cos you recognize that's part of his beauty.
Is he messed up? Yes. Is he wrong? Yes. So wrong that you will need a new word for it. Could you or would you still forgive him for all his mess, hurts caused, & short comings? ABSOLUTELY.

What I didn't like: Some of the dialogue during the sex scenes. Mainly from Matt, but he & Hannah both made me cringe with some of the things they said to each other during these particular moments. The chemistry between them is definitely there. The physical acts are all white hot, but some of things they uttered was like dousing the scene with a bucket of ice water. The dialogue just came off as campy & kinda corny for such intense & highly sexual scenes. But it doesn't completely ruin it where it would take you out of the flow of things, just enough to make you take notice.

I like the way this one flows. How the story is revealed to you. I love that you get in depth POV's from both characters. This is a short novel. But it's packed with story. You don't feel like it ends too soon. The reveals of Matt & Hannah, how you're given an inside look into not only their circumstances, but what makes them tick; and how they came to be who they are at this particular place & time in their lives, I felt was done superbly.

Keep in mind this is a trilogy & most likely will be about these 2 main characters if the epilogue is anything to go by. The book itself does not end in a cliffhanger but the epilogue certainly leads you into one. If this makes sense? Basically, if you read all 30 chapters of the book it feels like a standalone novel. The epilogue will leave you with a shock of info that obviously leads you into the next book.

I would definitely recommend this read as a read you can dive into now. But if you think the epilogue may bother you, then definitely wait until book 2 is out before you read this one.