Happily Even After (The Second Time Around #1) - Lena Matthews OMGOODNESS!!! I just finished this book. It was beyond excellent! Dean & Creigh, and their love is the stuff of legends. Every woman worth her salt would want a man like Dean in her life. Dean is like the best father to walk the earth since God in the Flesh as Jesus! Okay that's a bit far but you get my point. I really do not want to give anything away about this short incrediable story, so please just read it. I promise you will not be sorry you did. Every one in this was very well written. What makes these people who they are, what makes them tick, you get it. And you understand the struggles. But I love that at the end of the day Creigh and Dean always picked up their crosses to bear. They did it with dignity, love, respect for one another and themselves & everyone involved. Come on, it takes a REAL man to not only embrace the woman he loves who is carrying another man's child, but to embrace that child as if the child is his very own seed. Without any reservations. This was a truly, madly, deeply touching love story. "Happily EVEN After" was just for lack of a better word? AWESOME!