Anarchy - S.W. Frank

My heart is completely SHATTERED right now.... I'm not quite sure what to say. All I know is that I am experiencing an emotion that has yet to be defined.

This 3rd installment has left me..

Then, I thought I need to prepare to do something to a certain character. To 2 characters actually...

Then finally I was left throwing my tantrum...

Now that I have briefly returned to my senses, I can finally say, if an author of a story/series can evoke such strong emotions from me across the spectrum then they have certainly done their job. This book, nay this series is well worth your time people. And I highly recommend that you read it.

This 3rd book has blown me away as you can see. This story was on point across the board. In the writing, dialogue, action, emotion, passion. The drama! OMG! The drama! And the way everything unfolds and comes together. As hurtful & shocking as some things were, it was still executed beautifully.

This one I must say is the Darkest most Decadent read of this series so far. Alfonzo, you think you know him from the previous 2 books? Let me tell you.. You know nothing of this man and what he is truly capable of until you read this book. And what we learn in this book, I fear is only the tip of the iceberg. If what is to come next is anything to go by.

READ THIS SERIES IN ORDER! You will be totally lost if you don't.

On to Volume IV!