Innocence Defied (New York, #3) - Lainey Reese Whoa!

Best book in this series.

Gage & Zoe were the perfect yin & yang to one another. I was so worried about the details of how this union would work. Her not only being a close family friend, but her also being the baby sister to his best friend, Brice who is more than aware of Gage's "activities" & preferences. As well as their age difference. A lot to take in & consider. But everything about the unfolding of this story & their relationship flowed more than well. It all came naturally, complications and all, & it was more than believable.

There were more than a few heart pounding moments in here that had me like...
photo tumblr_ll30dehhaf1qk1ihko1_500.gif

Then immediately brought me to...
photo tumblr_m9smi05dm81qju19ao1_500_zpsfb775fd1.gif

Then finally...
photo TheSeinfeldDance.gif

So you get the picture. I LOVED this book. I think it's the best one in this trilogy or series so far, and I highly recommend you read it.
Although every book truly can be read as a standalone, I would suggest you read them in order anyway to get the full effect.