Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, #2) - E.L. James Wow! Another great installment to this trilogy. Once again I could not stop reading this one. It sucked me in and kept me there.

You're let further into Christian's dark, emotional, & at times sinister world. And it makes your heart weep for him. But his choosing to not stay in this dark place. The fact that he is not so jaded or closed off, that he can't recognize peace. And the light that is present in the love that he has for Ana, and she for him, will have your heart soaring for him as well. For them both.

This one is even more suspenseful than book 1. Alot more darker in certain areas. But all in love a great great love story. I love how everything goes a bit deeper, while keeping you very much intrigued with the lives of Ana and Christian and all that is occuring between and around them. If you loved book 1 trust me, you will definitely love book 2.

I highly recommend this read. This trilogy.
I'm off to begin book 3.