When Darkness Comes - Alexandra Ivy This one was really hard for me to stay into. There were times when it started to get good then I was found wanting. Abby in my opinion was not a good lead, she came off as too whinny and clueless way too often in this book. Okay granted you are allowed to be somewhat dumb founded if you find urself thrown into a world you never knew existed, but there comes a point when you have to start using common sense and LISTEN to the one who is trying to protect you! Whether you like it & the situation or not. And If she brought up her abusive past one more time, I was gonna jump through this book and hit her in the face just for PC!

Dante was Okay as a Vampire, but He just didn't do it for me. Now his friend Viper, that's a whole other story! oh and the egyptian vampire twins, OMG! The action was okay @ times, this is what really got me through this one. Just wanting to know what was gonna happen and how it was gonna lead into the next book. Viper's story. Which seems like that one may be a much better read.