Embrace The Darkness - Alexandra Ivy Okay I must say this book is a 100x's better than the 1st book! The great thing is u don't have to read the 1st book to become well aquainted with the characters in this one. Viper, DUDE IS BAD! I love the dynamic with he and Shay. This one was very interesting in given the details of Shay's Past and Present and how Viper, whether she admits it or not, is the key to helping her unlock the closet and put her demons to rest so to speak. Levet "the Gargoyle" and Shay's best friend is so adorable and hilarious! U will love him. The action, passion, heart felt moments are non stop in this one. There are a few Laugh Out Loud moments as well. I don't want to give anything away, so READ this one! You will love it. The story, the plot, & the message.