Everlasting Kiss - Amanda Ashley I have read alot of reviews for this author on other books she has written. There are alot of mixed reviews where her writing is concerned. this book is the first book I've read written by her. The beginning starts out okay, but it does keep you interested enough to wonder what is going to happen. The relationship with erik and Daisey, starts out pretty good but then it seems too... lack of a better word, "simple". I like her brother Alex. He's a very irritating but loveable character. Anyone who has a brother knows what I mean. The depth in her relationships with her parents and other brother just seemed too much on the surface for me to really care or even see this family that is suppose to be so close. Just like her relationship with erik. no depth. The love scenes sucked. I feel like if ur gonna drag out the sexual tension like it was done in this book, then when she finally gives herself to erik for the 1st time and after that, it should be something that does not appear to be rushed through. No emotion or passion @ all. And if you are gonna write about a love scene, then "write about the love scene" don't cause the moment to pass before it has a chance to even start. And all of the major trouble in this book seemed like it was all cleaned up and worked out way too easily.

Needless to say, I will not be reading anymore of her books.. No, I take that back. I may try the one coming in Oct 2010 about Rhys. I read the sneak peak to that one hopefully his story is worth reading. His character in this book was easy to over look although he was suppose to be the most feared. But me reading this book is a BIG maybe.