Stroke of Midnight - Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lori Handeland, L.A. Banks, Amanda Ashely I'm only giving this book 3 stars based on the 1st & 2nd story alone. "Winter Born" Dante and Pandora's story of course was short, but it was detailed enough to keep my interest. Had alot of funny moments in my opinion, and the love scenes were GREAT! But I felt the chemistry between them and it was believable. So if you want a quick interesting read this story is for you.

"Born Of Night"
was a pretty good one as well. Good romance novella. Lord Reyes I really like his character. But that was pretty much it.

"Make it Last Forever"

NO.. This one Sucked.. not even 1* for this one. This one was the most difficult to get through. Half the time it was hard to follow as far as who was saying what, and what the heck was actually going on. Very poorly written. I found myself saying "what?" constantly while reading this one. Of all the short stories they could have put in this book, why this one was chosen I have no idea.

"Red Moon Rising"
I stopped reading after the 3rd page in chapter 5 cuz I just could not take it anymore. It was much better than "make it last forever" as far as understanding what was going on, but it just wasn't interesting enough for me so I stopped. So if you are a big Kenyon and Ashley fan then I recommend this one.