Kiss of the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon I liked this one. Mainly because of Wolf & Cassie. I think that they have great chemistry. I felt how much they truly care for one another. I was so happy they got their HEA and had their son with another little one on the way. The ending of this book IMO was great. I wasn't quite sure how they would be able to stay together. Cassie being allowed to live etc.. It was so obvious how it would happen once it was revealed, that I couldn't believe I had not figured it out before. So Ms. Kenyon did pretty good on that front. Now the villians in this was weak to me. I didn't truly understand the whole Urian and his Dad thing. I didn't really care to be honest, but I did feel so bad for Urian. What he lost in the process but I was so happy for him when he realized what he gained. I love Chris and he and Wolf's interactions. @ times they were really funny. Other times I felt like the "funny scenes" were not so funny. It felt as though Kenyon was trying too hard in some of those areas and it just came off as kinda lame.

But @ the end of the day this was an interesting read. So I would recommend it.