Primitive Passion - Shara Lanel This one was just okay for me. The reason I say this is because it just didn't seem realistic that someone would agree to a total stranger's every demand for the course of 3 days just so that she could be taken back to "civilization" after being stranded by her cab driver/robber.

Having said that, Heath Williams was a surprise given that we were told what caused this man to be a recluse and abandon just about all human contact due to a condition caused by a few traumatic experiences in his life. This was believable and caused me to feel for him. @ least understand him. The fact that he felt immediately drawn to Sylvia and that for some reason she caused him to come out of his shell was believable given the short amount of time they spent together. But it did not excuse his demands upon her. I did not like how he clearly used the fact that she was totally @ his mercy. Not just for protection, but getting back to her life to his advantage. It kinda took the "Hero" out of his role. Their physical interactions were.. lack of a better word HOT! And there was some emotional depth that came with that, but I just didn't see nor feel how they could have loved so deeply as they claimed to over the course of those 4 days together. Not saying it's not possible cuz I've read plenty of stories where the H/H have fallin hard for one another in less time and it was totally convincing. But sorry just wasn't feelin it in this short "Novella".

So if you are looking for a short story with hot very explicit "Love" scenes with a few pinches of emotion in the mix, then this is the story for you.