Before I Wake - Kathryn Smith I really liked this one. I was doing alot of stopping and starting with it though. partly because I was also reading other books at the same time. I love Noah and Dawn together as well as individuals. The dream world is a fascinating subject and this author does it justice when explaining how it works in this particular world and how humans as well as the immortals are effected by this and how this world can be manipulated. All of this is shown to you without it coming off too sci-fi. It has "meat" to it and the plot as well as the characters involved will keep you captivated. I love Dawn's father, Morpheus.. AWESOME DAD! and Verek who is loyal to Morpheus and must teach Dawn the ways of her father's world.

Dawn is half humman/immortal. She is the 1st of her kind. An anomaly. People from her Father's world do not know whether to worship or fear her because she is Morpheus's daughter, who happens to not only be the God of Dreams but the King of their people in the dream realm. There are certain things that Dawn can do that her father cannot and he is suppose to be the most powerful. Of course as all kings do, Morpheus has enemies, who seek to destroy him, because he fell in love with a human and had a child. Dawn for most of her life has chosen to live among the human world trying to deny her immortal half. Ironically she is a dream psycologist. This is how she meets Noah and starts a chain of events that will cause her to make the choice of dealing with her legacy. Her relationship with her Father and her Mother(who she resents) and her human family who knows nothing about who she really is and what their mother has done. This is a very interesting read. I highly recommend it. I've already started the 2nd book in this series and so far that has been just as interesting.