Three Nights of Sin - Anne Mallory WOW!!! This book was amazing! I was very surprised by the revealing of the villian. I had no idea who it was. The deception, intrigue, & strength within these characters kept me captivated from beginning to end. Of course I love Gabriel! What woman worth her salt wouldn't?! He is the perfect blend of all the great qualities we want in our men. But he has his faults, quite a few.. But that is what makes him the perfect contradiction. I loved Marietta. Her loyalty to her brothers and those she comes to care for is worthy of respect. Some could say she is loyal to a fault, but I wouldn't. She knew when to pay attention to facts and not let her feelings override her decision. Her relationship with Gabriel of course was HOT!! WHITE HOT!! They never seemed to disappoint, especially each other in the bedroom!

But the plot, the secrets revealed about Gabriel and his past and the ultimate conclusions thereafter, all are written superbly with depth. I highly recommend this read if you want the passion, the mystery, & a happy ending that is not full of fluff but realistically written.