Delicious - Shayla Black If I could I would give this one 7 stars! This book was insane crazy in a good way. It was obviously daring. Hello? We are reading a Shayla B book here, but what makes Ms. Black unique in her genre is her ability to not only have physical intimacy to always be white hot, she adds the emotional, mental, & spiritual beauty to her characters. Which is always the complete contradiction of what makes us (men & women) beautiful in the respect that we are giving yet selfish, fearful yet fearless, complicated yet simple. Just human emotion period, how it can blind us from everything yet cause us to see more clearly. This is a story that does just that and more!

How we should never judge a book by it's cover (literally for me. LOL). How one incident/encounter/occurance can have you want/realize you are or becoming the person you never thought you'd want to be.

Luc and Alyssa's story is one of awakening. Letting go of their fears, insecurities, and learning what it means to trust, love, & give without conditions. Even though I am reading these books backward (out of order), I have to say this one is highly suspensful, erotic, touching, & real. All the characters in this one had me entralled, angry, laughing, crying, irritated, you name it!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE. Since I started with book 3, I'm gonna just read 2 then 1..