A Night to Remember - Eve Vaughn Okay I just finished this one. I was really surprised! It's like it turned into a completely different story during the 2nd half of this book and I was actually tearing up a few times. The HEA was awesome! Charlie got on my nerves alot, but I understood her motivation behind certain choices/mistakes that she made. Jake too. Their redeeming qualities was the simple fact that they loved each other and at the end of the day they chose to submit, commit, & love one another.

Now the first half of this book... It started off okay when it was speaking of Charlie and her husband Paul. But then immediately after she meets Jake and it goes into how quickly they hook up, it got kinda Bleh.. Just because I felt like the physical scenes with them were trying to come off as erotic but they were just smutty, and luke warm with feeling. So I had a hard time reading that.. I did not believe that Charlie and Jake had a chemistry until going into the 2nd half of the book up to the end. So if the story itself, the dialog and the chemistry had not improved I would have given this one 1 or maybe 2**