The Chosen Sin - Anya Bast This one was a bit different. The atmosphere, setting, etc... was very different in a "sci-fi" kinda way, but it worked very well with this story.

The plot was different in the sense that it was so predictable you would find yourself "knowing" how things will turn out only to realize you were completely wrong! So that's what I loved about this one. There is still the all too present push and pull of the H/H struggling to give in to their true feelings **rolls eyes** This is so irritating @ times and is present in far too many of these books that I think it should be OUT LAWED! LOL

The only things I was certain of in this story were Brandon and Alejandro and Daria. But even Alejandro and Daria had me wondering a bit towards the end if they would have their HEA. I recommend this read. It's a good one.