Dark Hunger - Sara Reinke Okay, this one was better and worse than the 1st one. I really liked the 1st one. I loved Brandon. But Rene in this book defiantely has a big place in my heart. IMO Rene and Tessa's relationship was alot more complex and passionate for obvious and not so obvious reasons more so than Brandon & Lina's. But the ending of this one which I will not be telling, MESSED ME UP!!!! I am certainly on edge a bit to read the 3rd and finally installment for this series. There certainly is alot more going on in this one and it gets alot deeper. Which will prove I'm hoping for a great ending and all my questions to be answered in the final book. I do recommend this read but only if you are following the series. Other wise you may feel this story is for lack of a better word "pointless" in the grand scheme of things if you are just reading it as a stand alone.