The Real Thing - J.J. Murray I would give this one 6 stars if I could. I finished this last night. I could not put this book down. JJ captured the raw, intense emotions that come with the great battle of life and love. And how important it is to oneself to have a personal sense of self, love, and respect. I love that although this is an interracial love story, race does not cloud nor take away from the story. You fall in love with Dante immediately and Christiana as well.

This one is a "hard hitter" in more ways than one. I do not want to give anything away about this book, but "boxing" I've never really been a big fan of boxing. The only boxer I ever loved is Rocky! And he still has my heart to this day LOL! But Dante, OMGOODNESS!! I was rooting, crying, screaming, laughing, getting ticked off @ times with this guy.. But I love him! This is such an inspiring story. A great love story involving self, family, and the one we just cannot live without. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS READ.