Nauti and Wild - Lora Leigh, Jaci Burton Okay, I give the first story "Nauti Kisses" 4 stars and the 2nd story "Riding the edge" 3 stars. Giving this book an overall rating of 4 1/2 stars.

Lora Leigh's "nauti kisses" was predictable @ best. A little cheesy @ worst. But the chemistry between John and Sierra was HOT! to say the least. Although predictable, the plot was pretty good. I do LOVE how these hard core men view not only the women in their lives, but women in general. And they recognize what a precious treasure it is to not only know or have love in their lives, but to protect it. Guard it with their very own. If anything this story reminds me how they just don't make 'em' like they use to. (Men) LOL! I do recommend this read if you are a fan of Lora's or the Nauti series. This was my first time reading the Nauti series. I'm inclined to check out the others ;~)

Now Jaci Burton's "Riding the edge" IMO was just okay. I mean it was interesting enough although very predictable as well. But the chemistry with Rick & Ava, was just Luke warm to me. I see how these two could form a bond so to speak, but love and undeniable passion? I didn't feel it. Some of their "encounters" were hot, but the emotional aspect just was not there. I found I was way more interested in the outcome with Rick and his cousin and how he would explain to Ava why he was in her life in the 1st place. Their HEA, I was found wanting. But the story as a whole was pretty good.