Rescue Me - Cherry Adair, Lora Leigh, Cindy Gerard Okay 1st story "Tropical Heat" gets 4 stars! Loved Sam & Beth together. 2nd story, "Atlanta Heat" AWESOME. Gets 4 stars. Emerson & Macey were white hot together, this short story was executed perfectly. The last story "Desert Heat" I give 4.5 stars. Elena & Seth were off the chain, their story in my opinion had the best intrigued when it came to the bad guys involved, and they had the sweetest, sexiest, and most hilarious ending to me out of all the stories. Over all I give this book 4.5 STARS. All authors did an excellent job with these short stories. They were executed properly where you got a feel for the main characters involved. An intimate understanding of what made them tick as individuals and why and how they could care for one another so deeply. The danger elimate of the bad guys was just the icing to a very delicious cake! I highly recommend this read.