City of Ashes  - Cassandra Clare This one was so much better than the 1st book. It takes you deeper into this colorful frightning world. Ms. Clare certainly did not disappoint with keeping the flow and keeping u intrigued by this world. She causes u to grow even more invested in these teens, causing u to care more deeply for not only them, but their plight.

She did kinda weird me out with whole Jace and Clary thing but at the same time I found myself completely undertsanding and feeling heartbroken for them. It's weird, uncomfortable, and you can't not want to know what will happen with these two. Their father, the inquisitor, and even Maryse got on my ever loving nerves! But they kept it interesting and on the edge of my seat so I forgive them. LOL I just starting the 3rd book now. These books will definitely draw you in there is no doubt about that. This 2nd book was a great follow up to the 1st, and from the way the 3rd has started out, I only hope that it will be even better. I highly recommend this series.