Night After Night - Kathryn Smith OMGOODNESS!! I love love loved the way this series ended! It was awesome. Temple's story did not disappoint in the end or the middle. I must say though, from the beginning til about page 85 I was a bit worried. I felt that he and Vivian became involved physically, too quickly because there was really nothing there for me, that explained their "undeniable" pull to each other, other than the fact that you are being told that it's there by the author. But I kept reading because I was more interested in how the whole mystery of the Silver Palm was going to be solved, and what or who Vivian really was. I had my suspicions, but I was completely off the mark but glad. Because I was surprised. And I was equally happy and surprised that Temple and Vivian's emotional pull was eventually just as great as the their physical one. And this did not come too late in the story so I was very pleased about that.

It all came together well, and everyone got their HEA's. Chapel, Bishop, Saint, Reign, as well as Temple and their Loves. Oh and Marcus Grey (Dreux's descendant) got his as well. So I was really happy about that one. Just read it! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ENTIRE SERIES TO READ!