Claimed by the Wolf - Charlene Teglia WHEW!!! This one had me blushing basically through the entire book. The plot was simple, quite uncomplicated considering the dangers surrounding it. But the guardians are all HOT!!!!!!!!!!! I must tip my hat to Sybil because I know I could not have handled all five of these guys on my best juggling days! LOL

The only reason I give this one 3 stars is because it just doesn't sit well with me if a man claims a woman for his mate, for him to be okay, more than okay, with his fellow Brothers sharing her equally. Although hot and obviously all of them cared a great deal for Sybil, even treated her as their treasured Queen, it still seems just degrading to be shared in this capacity when a commitment has been established.

Plus I was a bit smitten not with Kenric (the alpha wolf) but with Kadar (the dragon) dude was FINE!! If you are looking for an erotic read with a bit of suspense, then I would recommend this read.