Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles This one was a really sweet and touching story. I was really enthralled with it. I felt immediately for Alex and Brit and how their circumstances often dictated and controlled how they perceived themselves and the world around them. It was hilarious how they would tease and ultimately just get on each others nerves when they were forced to work with one another. The dark side of Alex and his reality is something I was so glad was put in this book. There were things that were not glossed over. They were real. But the message, is what rings true for anyone. No matter who you are or where you come from don't ever let your circumstances or people in your life convince you that you do not deserve better, that you cannot be better, and that your life is worth nothing. Fear is a true prison. And fear without knowlege and wisdom and belief in yourself is a dangerous place to be.

Brit's story rings true as well that one should never assume that just because things appear to be perfect does not mean that they are. Perfection is an illusion and that's all. We should never think that a person who is in a certain "class" does not bleed and hurt and struggle any less than the next person.

What I did not like about this story and what left me wanting, is that Alex and Brit obviously had this undeniable passionate love for one another. And some could even argue that it may be borderline self destructive. But I did not really agree with how easy it seemed and how disconnected her parents seemed to be about Brit and her well being concerning her relationship with Alex. This part of the story I did not feel played out in a realistic way. Also she is a virgin and although their "interludes" in the past were very sensual, when she finally is with Alex for the first time, there was no passion or sensuality present. It made the whole climax of them coming together very disappointing and rushed and completely lacking. It was a real downer for me.

I did love the epilogue though. And I would recommend this read.