Navarro's Promise - Lora Leigh I really did not like this book. Reading it was like having my teeth pulled with pliers! I understand now why the Breed Series is always a hit & miss with me. This is definitely a miss. And also why I have not read all of these books.

Way 2 much repetition with what we were already told about the plot,(within this book) what is going on, & the why. It just kept coming up so much that 80% of this book was a rerun. And because of this there was hardly any dialogue between the characters and way 2 much of the main characters in their own heads. (This is so irritating). Another irritating factor is when something has been clearly brought up and rectified, some seemingly alternate view is thrown into play and then Mica would totally forget about what was just done or said between her and Navarro. Like it never even happenend! Thus bringing up the same issue yet again. This had me shaking my head and wanting to smack Ms. Leigh. Oh and did I mention that the chemistry between Mica and Navarro was totally non existent. They had chemistry only because u were "told" they did. Not because u felt or saw it.

Also the Brandenmore guy.. okay how the heck did this guy keep getting out of his cell in a highly secured facility? I know it was said that they had spies, but seriously if u know there is a threat, as highly trained & deadly as the Breeds are, u mean to tell me they could not rectify this to the point where @ least the people living in this facility are not threatened? Again? Whatever.. Not buying it. Also there was alot of mis-spellings in this one and sometimes scenes would jump where I would have to re-read the scene to make sure I did not skip something.

If u are a fan of this entire series and u have read all the books in order then u will probably love this one. But there is nothing in here that we haven't been shown before. Just different characters.
If u are like me and have read only a few do to disliking some of the stories, then I would not recommend this read.